Education Starts Early

As we all know children develop much of their capacity for future learning in the first years of their life.

The language experiences that children have before they start school form multiple and powerful brain connections which are used for language, thinking and understanding. Without these experiences the brain doesn’t develop this rich network of connections.

During this critical period, a window of opportunity exists to help shape how a child’s brain matures and to lay the foundation for all the years that follow.

Your child doesn’t need to go to the most expensive schools to give them the maximum opportunities in life – we show you the techniques that are available to enable you to assist your child to reach their full potential right from the start.

It is EASY and doesn’t need to cost money.

We show you the techniques the experts use to help your children reach their full potential.

To assist parents in this area and give their children a love of books and the joy of reading, we also assist parents to create a book for their child which is personalised to the child. These are very popular with children, as the book magically weaves their own details into the story, making the child the star of their very own storybook.

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funny portrait of cute baby in glasses lieing on old book and thinking of all the knowledge in the world

The Facts

Time – you can’t get it back – it is too precious to waste.

Did you know in a recent study it was found one quarter of Australian Year 4 students failed minimum reading standards and our Australian students ranked behind students in 26 other nations. We had the worst results of any English-speaking country.

What has been proven for decades is that parents themselves can actually give their child experiences that increase intelligence and IQ. And it is EASY and doesn’t need to cost money !!!

Children’s brains grow to 90% of their eventual adult weight in the first three years of life. As they grow and experience the world, they are developing a huge number of neuron connections, and studies show how critically important early stimulating interactions are over these first years as roughly 50% of intellectual development is as a result of external exposure.

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Father reading to children

Join Us

Help parents to give their child the best start in life.

We show you what you can do and teach you the techniques that are available to allow you to assist parents to ‘feed’ the brains of their children.

Experts agree, and their research backs it up, that parents can significantly influence their children’s intelligence, vocabulary, language development and IQ through their early interactions, even from the first day of life.

You can show parents that with some simple changes to their daily interaction with their child, they can give the child a head start that will provide benefits throughout their entire life, and quite substantially increase their intelligence & IQ.

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