If you’ve ever witnessed the joy on the face of a child when they realize they are the main character of their very own story, you’ll understand why Create-a-Book® has been so successful worldwide.

Create-a-Book® magically weaves personal details into any one of a variety of titles, making the child the star of their very own story. The books are professionally bound in a quality, wipe able hardcover, and include 18 full color illustrations. All books feature the child’s name, age, family and friends’ names and home town throughout the story. They also contain a personal message from the person giving the book, and are treasured keepsakes for the rest of the recipient’s life.

The print is well spaced for the young reader and our stories teach sharing and moral values.

There are many titles available – each book personalized to your child and his or her family and friends.


You can create your Child's own book - made especially for them.

This will be a book your child will keep forever and will help to develop a love of books and a rich desire for reading and learning.

Over the years, our personalized children’s books have touched the lives of many people from all walks of life. The children don't know that the books are about themselves until they start reading and then their eyes just light up. Each book is “personalized” with a narrative that repeatedly uses the child’s name as the star of the story, creating a personalized adventure involving the youngster, and refers to the child’s parents and friends and other personalized details. It truly is ‘A Book About Me’. One of the objectives of the books is to promote literacy, as the child will want to read it over and over again because their name appears in the actual story line. This encourages young children to read and to read on a consistent basis. It is a simple way to encourage reading and also raises self-esteem in the child. When children see themselves in a story they do find great interest in the story, also because other people in the child’s life become involved as well. Parents do not discard this book, it becomes part of the family, just like family photos and other memento’s. Titles and story lines cover many areas such as positive behaviours, compassion for others, fire safety, new siblings, events like new babies, birthdays, Christmas, camping and fishing adventures. They include such titles as as “My Birthday Wish”, “The Sibling Book”, “The Big Circus”, “The Ballerina Princess”, “My First Day at School”, “My Camping Adventure” and many more.