Our Partners

You can make the difference to the lives of many, many children by just giving their parents good information and assisting them to give their child the best start in life.

We give you all the information and teach you the techniques that parent’s can take advantage of to “feed” the brains of their children. To get the best results the parent should start right from birth, but it is never too late to start, for the benefit of their children.

The experts all agree, and the research that has been completed proves beyond a doubt, that experiences the children have in the very early years of life can provide huge benefits to their abilities and IQ in later life.

In fact studies back in 1939 demonstrates how critically important EARLY stimulating interactions are on babies and young toddlers. This classic study shows that stimulating interactions INCREASE IQ and lack of interaction actually DECREASES IQ.

And as I keep telling parents it is not hard – in fact very easy – they just work these techniques into the time they already spend with their little one every day.

Along with teaching the parent, we also provide them access to personalised storybooks, which are ideal to encourage their young ones to read, and read, and read.

We find children re-read these stories many, many times, as it is “My Story” (about me). As the stories also include all the names of their friends and family as well as themselves, this also is a huge encouragement as well.