There are many different projects you can become involved in with us, including:
  • Business sponsorship for the "Give A Book Program" to ensure every child in local schools and child care centres gains the opportunity of receiving their very own personalised book;

  • Fund raising opportunities;

  • Supply and distribution of personalised books through government and private organisations, and other groups;

  • Diploma and advanced level diploma promotion through schools and to adults;

  • Voluntary assistance in schools.

All in addition to our workshops and one on one discussions showing parents how they too can take advantage and make a huge difference in the lives of their children.

Little schoolchildren are reading book at school

It’s “MY” Book

A major project is the distribution of personalized books throughout various government and private organizations, and obtaining sponsors for the distribution of books to local child care centers and schools, to ensure as many children as possible will develop an early love of books which will last them a lifetime

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Higher Education Programs

A program to ensure as many school leavers and adults as possible are aware what is available to them in the form of assistance from the government which will allow them to obtain student loans to complete tertiary ‘Diploma & Advanced Diploma’ courses.

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Give A Book Program

Quotes from two primary schools:

When asked if the children got impatient while waiting …………“Heavens no – they were totally involved in their books. They kept their noses in the books all the time they were waiting. Then they lined up to go to their next class, their eyes stayed so glued to their books, they hardly knew where they were going. What a terrific reading motivator !!!”

Taylor Primary School

“You had the students captivated! As I walked through the classrooms after the assembly, students could not be pulled away from their books. It is no wonder that, with each child co-starring with Homer in a book of his/her very own, the books will be re-read and cherished for many years to come. This repetition builds reading fluency and will reinforce the healthy message of Homer. With the constant re-reading, we are especially appreciative that these fine books are hardbound! Again thank you. Your generosity and partnership have truly made a difference for our students!!”

E.W. Griffiths Elementary School