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Terms and Conditions of the Partners

The Child Workshops were set up to assist parents and make them aware of simple techniques that are available to help their children reach their full potential.

The Company is also engaged in the business of marketing and promoting Create-A-Book Personalised Children’s Books for children and to a lessor extent Diploma, Advanced Diploma & Graduate Diploma courses to prospective students within Australia.

These Terms and Conditions are in regard to the Companies authorised Partners.

Partners will in the course of their business promote the Create-A-Book personalised books to customers.

As these books are personalised to the child, they are unable to be printed and assembled in advance. We therefore have two levels of Partners who work with the company, being the Individual Partner and the Area Manager Partner.

All new Partners will initially join the Company as Individual Partners, all supplies being distributed from our main Queensland office.

Individual Partners will be supplied with completed books, and are responsible to pay the cost of postage. Orders are all supplied in bulk to minimise postage costs.

Details of price and discount structures are supplied to all prospective Partners upon application.

Area Manager Partners will be appointed as required in each area and will receive access to software to enable the book to be printed locally. These Area Managers will organise and be responsible for the supply of books to Individual Partners within their area, plus directly to their own customers.

The Area Manager Partner will receive Face-to-Face training covering the printing and assembly of books, and is responsible to ensure all books supplied are of the highest quality.

Higher education training courses are also able to be promoted to students and such courses are able to be accessed by students utilising financial assistance offered under the Federal Government’s VET FEE-HELP program, and subject to the terms and conditions of such VET FEE-HELP program, as detailed on the government’s website

To enable the student to gain assistance in the payment of their fees initially through the VET FEE-HELP program, the student must meet the eligibility requirements for such VET FEE-HELP, as detailed in the website. The prospective student must also be accepted by the college and meet any eligibility criteria for the particular course they wish to study.

Partners can be trained in this area at the discretion of the Company. Partners are paid a referral fee on each student referred by them, payable in one lump sum once the student has passed the Census Date for the course he/she is to undertake. This census date occurs within the first 20% of the course, anywhere between 2 – 8 weeks into the course, dependent on the particular course the student is to undertake.

Partners must ensure all services and promotions are made in accordance with these terms and conditions and in accordance with the directions given by the Company, or any person nominated by the Company.

Partners warrant that they are competent to promote the Services and Products of the Company, and will ensure they complete all training in all areas as supplied by the Company, and at all times ensure they keep up to date with all ongoing training as supplied.

Partners must ensure at all times they keep the name of the Company and the Business Name “The Child Workshops” in good repute, and shall at no time bring into disrepute or disfavour the reputation of the Company, the Business, the Site, the Directors, Staff, other Partners, or any Agents and Associates of the Company, either verbally or in writing. Partners must also ensure they must at no time make any misrepresentations in regard to the Site, Company, Business, Directors, Agents, Associates or any other Partner of the Company.

Partners must ensure all services and promotions are offered in a caring and skilful manner, to the best abilities of the Partner, and in a manner that is in the best interests of, and does not bring disrepute to, the Company or business, or cause dissatisfaction or annoyance to any prospective customer.

The Partners acknowledge that they must not act or purport to act as an agent of the Company, or with authority to bind the Company to any agreement, and that they do not have any exclusive rights under these Terms and Conditions, and that the Company has the right to appoint other Partners to provide the same or similar services.

The Partners acknowledges that they provide all services and promotions as an independent body, and warrants that they fully understand and accept that they are not employees of the Company, are not working under an employment agreement, and have no claims to Company or employee benefits, including but not limited to wages, salary, severance pay, long service leave, superannuation, profit sharing, shares or employee bonuses.

The Partners acknowledge they are solely responsible and liable for any and all GST or income taxation liability, superannuation or other charges payable in respect of all payments received by themselves through their work with the company. Partners further acknowledge any payments payable to the Partner from the company are inclusive of GST.

The Partners acknowledge they are solely responsible for all advertising they wish to utilise within their area. Partners will submit any such advertising to the Company for confirmation prior to publication.

All inward telephone calls on the Company 1300 number can be diverted to a local number within the local area. The Area Manager will have first option to receive all local calls, and will pass on orders to Individual Partners as required. Call charges on these calls will be paid by the Partner receiving the order. The 1300 number is only to be used for incoming customer enquiries and orders. Partners are not to use 1300 number to make telephone calls.

Partners will sign the Companies Confidentiality Agreement, which will be forwarded to the Partner following completion of registration documentation.

All agreements between the Partner and the Company will terminate upon notification in writing by either party. Following any termination, any amounts which are owing to the Partner such as referral fees which were yet to be paid on students referred by the Partner to date, will be paid as and when due.

Any conflict between Partners will be mediated by the Company. The Company will make the final decision in all matters, and any decision made by the Company is final.