The Child Workshops

Primarily The Child Workshops were set up to assist parents and make them aware of simple techniques that they can take advantage of to ensure that during the first crucial years of life that their child is given the benefit of maximum brain ‘nutrition’.

The benefits that can be achieved in these first years to the level of intelligence of a child has been proven to be very substantial, and, as all parents are very aware, this period goes so fast and ONCE IT’S GONE YOU CANNOT GET IT BACK.

One of the most widely accepted academic studies of the 20th century (Skeels, 1939) demonstrates how critically important EARLY stimulating interactions are on babies and young toddlers. This classic study shows that stimulating interactions INCREASE IQ and lack of interaction actually DECREASES IQ.

Parent are very aware of the benefits of giving their children ‘good nutrition’ for the body, but not many are as aware when it comes to easy techniques available to provide ‘good nutrition’ for the brain.

Many parents just do not realise what their child is missing out on. Many just feel in their busy lives these days they are doing the best they can, but if they knew just how easy this is, they would have no hesitation.

The difference can be a child at age six knowing 3,000 words, as compared to a child of the same age knowing 20,000. No teacher, no matter how talented, can make up for those lost hours of mental nourishment.

And I stress again – it is very EASY.

Recent research into human brain development is proving that parents truly are their children’s first teachers. What parents do, or don’t do, in those early years, has a lasting impact on their child’s reading skills and literacy. Just as a child develops language skills long before being able to speak, the child also develops literacy skills long before being able to read.

We also assist parents to create a book for their child which is personalized to the child. These are very popular with children, as the book magically weaves their own details into the story, making the child the star of their very own storybook.

We offer a Corporate Sponsorship Program that allows businesses to become involved as well and sponsor book donations to a local school or organization.

Tertiary Education

We also assist Australian & International school leavers and adults to obtain assistance in regard to training courses that are available at Higher Education Institutions within Australia.

The benefit of these courses are that an eligible student can take advantage of assistance through the Federal Government to cover the upfront cost of the fees associated with the training, allowing the student to concentrate on his or her studies. The initial cost is repaid only when the student attains a set level of income, which currently is over $54,000 pa.

Health Visitor Talking To Mother With Young Baby

Our Workshops

Our workshops are suited to parents, grandparents, family members and friends, both in group sessions and individually.

We give talks to many organisations and mothers groups, parent groups, child care groups, associations, school groups, etc.

We show parents, grandparents and others just what benefits are available to young children and techniques that they can utilise to assist their children and give them the very best start in life.

Any parent can utilise these just by modifying the time they already spend with their baby, but most parents are just not aware.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure every child, whether born within Australia or overseas, is given the opportunity to maximise their potential through ‘Early Start Education’ giving them ‘Nutrition for the Brain’, and later through access to high quality tertiary education.

Our Endeavours

To give all parents the information on techniques that are available to assist them to significantly influence their children’s intelligence through early language nutrition training.

To assist in the promotion of literacy for all children by giving children of all ages access to personalised children’s books, giving the child their very own story, which they will want to read over and over again.